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Tenor recorder Helder rosewood

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Rosewood, with B-key
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Harmonic recorders: Mollenhauer & Maarten Helder

Lavishly equipped instruments developed in cooperation with the Dutch recorder maker Maarten Helder. Detailed technical extras place these recorders in the “de luxe” class of Harmonic recorders, the new type of recorder with in-tune harmonics.

Expressive, elegant and dynamic sound: the right instrument for those who are looking for new recorder sounds. Assertive and strong so as to be audible in combination with modern orchestral instruments: in modern music, jazz, folk or indeed traditional recorder repertoire.

Extended range into the third octave: this enables access to new repertoire in areas so far unavailable to recorder players, eg. flute repertoire.

The fingering for the two lower octaves follows traditional “Baroque” patterns; special fingerings are only required for the third octave.

Extended range in the lower register by adding a key for B. Piano key: enables the finest of dynamic shadings.

Wood type: Rosewood

Zusatzklapppen: mit 5 Klappen und  H-Fuß

Fingering: Baroque Spezialgriffe ab der 3. Oktave

Fingering: download

Range: h – cis3

Pitch: a1 = 442 Hz at least

The piano key opens a small hole in the head joint – the tone sharpens and as a result can be played more quietly. This allows delicate dynamic shadings to be realised

Sound-Unit (PDF)

Harmonic recorder Mollenhauer & Maarten Helder Tenor with B-key

  • Instrument
  • Case
  • Thumb rest
  • Little screwdriver
  • Cleaning rod wood for tenor
  • Joint grease stick
  • Fingering chart
  • Maintenance instructions

Modern I

Modern II

Telemann Fantasie


Recorder material/Wood

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36043 Fulda (Germany)
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