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Mollenhauer Information on Covid-19

Notice of precautions we must take to limit the spread of the Corona virus (SARS CoV 2)

In view of the current situation of the pandemic, it is clear that in addition to our direct responsibility to employees, customers and suppliers, we will also continue to take our social responsibility in an appropriate form. At present, this is supported by a significant impulse for increasing everybody’s personal responsibility.

Responsibility and prudence are still needed
Our actual measures against the spread of the Corona virus

We would therefore like to inform you about our current precautions.

  • We have advised our employees to take advantage of additional personal protective measures they should take, and we are keeping them up to date
  • Since 4 April 2022 we have again the possibility to make guided tours of the workshop.
  • Please note that our factory outlet is open. As far as possible, please register your visit by telephone (+49 661 94670).
  • Our museum remains closed due to renovation works. Instead, you are welcome to visit the special exhibition from 7 April until 6 June in the Vonderau Museum in Fulda/Germany.
  • We continue to maintain our 7-day quarantine storge of instruments. Apart from several instructions on general procedure we always inform our distributors if our outgoing goods have been in storage for at least 7 days or not. Where appropriate, we recommend the waiting time named above before unboxing
  • For the same reasons, we are also storing instruments received for repair now for 7 days before handling. We advise that it is the customer’s choice whether to do the same with instruments returned from repair. In addition, we would like to refer you to the recommendations currently being published by the reputable media. Below is a small selection of informative sources that we have found informative:;jsessionid=EADADE81CBBED4081D8D3165E781A2E7.internet081?nn=13490888#ti

By these actions, we hope we can properly fulfil our responsibility towards the safety of customers, employees, suppliers and the general public. We are pleased about the more and more relaxing situation enabling encounters again.

As the situation develops, we will carefully review and then appropriately adjust our policy.

Last edited on 8 April 2022

Sincerely Yours,

Stefan Kömpel – Berthold Mollenhauer




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36043 Fulda (Germany)
Phone.: +49 661 94 67 0
Fax: +49 661 94 67 36

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