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Tenor recorder Denner rosewood

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Rosewood, baroque double holes
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Denner – A wealth of sound from fine woods

Infos to the different woods you can find here.

A sophisticated ensemble based on original instruments by Jacob Denner (1681–1735) in Nuremberg and Copenhagen.

Brilliant, expressive sound with a convincing charm.

Agile, quick response in all octaves: ideal for virtuosic music of any era.

Undercut finger holes: discover the particularly stable sounds of these instruments.

Visually impressive: finely crafted ornamental rings and a surface pleasingly finished with oil.

Wood type: Rosewood

Fingering chart: Baroque with double holes

Fingering chart: download

Range: c1 – g3

Pitch: a1 = 442 Hz

Tenor recorder Mollenhauer 5420 Denner baroque rosewood

  • Instrument
  • Cotton bag with leather trim
  • Cleaning rod wood
  • Joint grease
  • Fingering chart
  • Maintenance instructions

Playing level/For advanced players
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