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Bass recorder Adri´s Dream Recorder

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Pearwood natural, baroque double holes, double key
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Wide bore – full sound for ensemble playing: the Dream-ensemble from soprano to knick bass

Renaissance – The heyday of consort playing
Renaissance recorders were constructed in such a way that their sound within the ensemble blended to create an especially homogenous texture.

The construction of Adri’s Dream Recorder is based on these very same characteristics. The wide bore creates a strong yet soft tone – the ideal oncept for recorders meant to be played in large groups: ensembles, group lesson or music class.

Wood type: Pearwood nature

Fingering: Baroque with double holes

  • Attractive shell-shaped keys
  • Robust mechanism
  • Fingering changes made easy ba a roll mechanism fitted to double keys

Fingering chart: download

Range: f – h2

Pitch: a1 = 442 Hz

 Bass recorder Mollenhauer 4527K Adri's Dream baroque with four keys

  • Instrument
  • Case
  • Support strap
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Microfibre mop, highly absorbent
  • Joint grease
  • Fingering chart
  • Maintenance instructions

Adris Traumfloete
Recorder Fingerings/Baroque Fingering
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