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Bass recorder Canta knick baroque dark stained

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Pearwood dark stained, baroque double hole, with double key
Sales price: 1.299,00 €
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Strong, stable sound: the foundation of the ensemble!

Natural holding position: the “knick” (bent head) brings the instrument closer to your body; you have a significantly smaller distance to get to the lower notes.

Relaxed playing: the right arm hardly needs to stretch; this lightweight bass will not cause tension!

Ergonomics play a large role in the design of this bass. This instrument is comfortable for players who otherwise have difficulties with conventional basses.

Feels good to play: the mouthpiece is designed to be blown directly. Knick bass Baroque Ergonomically designed

Ergonomically designed key system: changing fingering is made easier by the roller attached to the double key.

Wood type: Pearwood dark stained

Fingering: Baroque with double holes and four keys

Fingering chart: download

Range: f – h2

Pitch: a1 = 442 Hz Knick bass recorder Mollenhauer 2546KD Canta baroque with four keys

  • Instrument
  • Case
  • Support strap
  • Thumb rest
  • Microfibre mop, highly absorbent
  • Joint grease
  • Fingering chart
  • Maintenance instructions

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