Franz Schubert, »Arpeggione« Sonate a

Franz Schubert, »Arpeggione« Sonate a
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Franz Schubert (1797-1828)   Sonata in a minor »Arpeggione«  ... more
Product information "Franz Schubert, »Arpeggione« Sonate a"
Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Sonata in a minor »Arpeggione«
for alto recorder with E-foot extension and piano
Aura-Edition AE 022-MB, score and solo part
Schuberts »Arpeggione«-Sonata is among the best and most popular works - in consequence, it already appears in a wide range of arrangements. Luckily one circumstance (the fact that the tone E is the lowest note of the melody instrument in Schubert's composition) makes it particularly suitable for a modern alto recorder with E-foot extension. Editor Nik Tarasov explains in the foreword period and modern aspects connected to this surprising version of a real musical gem.
The marbled coverings of many of these books are made individually by hand. Therefore every copy differs both in colour and pattern from the examples shown. Every cover is unique. Made by Atelier HaPuRo.
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