Maximilian Joseph Leidesdorf

Maximilian Joseph Leidesdorf
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Maximilian Joseph Leidesdorf (1787-1840)   Largo et Rondo   Trio for... more
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Maximilian Joseph Leidesdorf (1787-1840)
Largo et Rondo
Trio for Csakan and two flauti d'amore (or soprano recorder and two flutes, or alto recorder in G and two alto flutes in G).
First Edition
Aura-Edition AE 003-Cs, score and three parts
This is the first edition of this trio, originally scored for Csakan and two flauti d'amore.
The pleasant and technically demanding work, from the repertoire of a Viennese flute ensemble from around 1800, deserves to be revived in recorder circles after lying dormant for almost 200 years. This edition can also be used for performance with alternative instrumentation: for soprano/descant recorder and two modern flutes, or alto/treble recorder in G and two modern alto flutes in G.
A version for three recorders is available as AE 005-MB.
The marbled coverings of many of these books are made individually by hand. Therefore every copy differs both in colour and pattern from the examples shown. Every cover is unique. Made by Atelier HaPuRo.
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