Valentin Czejka, Divertimento

Valentin Czejka, Divertimento
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Valentin Czejka (ca. 1810)   Divertimento per Pianoforte e Czakan  ... more
Product information "Valentin Czejka, Divertimento"
Valentin Czejka (ca. 1810)
Divertimento per Pianoforte e Czakan
Aura-Edition AE 014-CS, score and solo part
The demanding piano part of this duo with Csakan is a concertante work, dating probably from around 1810 and performed only at court, which is the reason it has not been printed before.
These days it still requires a versatile pianist for the virtuosic passages but also for performing the sections that enter into a dialogue with the melody instrument.
Valentin Czejka was one of the best professional musicians of Vienna, favoured by Beethoven as a bassoon virtuoso, and a prolific composer.
The marbled coverings of many of these books are made individually by hand. Therefore every copy differs both in colour and pattern from the examples shown. Every cover is unique. Made by Atelier HaPuRo.
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