Ernest Kraehmer, Quatre Rondeaux

Ernest Kraehmer, Quatre Rondeaux
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Ernest Kraehmer (1795-1837)   Quatre Rondeaux op. 33 (1834) Volume 1: Rondo no. 1... more
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Ernest Kraehmer (1795-1837)
Quatre Rondeaux op. 33 (1834)
Volume 1: Rondo no. 1 E-flat major & Rondo no. 2 A-flat major
for Csakan and pianoforte
Aura-Edition AE 026-Cs, € 22,00, score and solo part
Central and demanding work of the Csakan repertoire in concertante form.
The long-lost piano part has been rediscovered 2017 - the rondos can be now published in their original texture.
Volume 1 contains the charming Rondo no. 1 in E-flat major in a pastoral-like gesture, which finishes in a dance-like finale, briefly citing elements from Spanish national dances admired in these days. Rondo no. 2 in A-flat major is one of the most thrilling and sparkling works from Krähmer's oeuvre. The repeating march-like main theme is bursting with energy; the musical interludes are varying from a dramatic section to extremely playful and virtuoso passages.
The marbled coverings of many of these books are made individually by hand. Therefore every copy differs both in colour and pattern from the examples shown. Every cover is unique. Made by Atelier HaPuRo.
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