Book: 200 Years Mollenhauer Woodwind instrument making (English language)

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Between foot lathe and 3D printer   Author: Bernhard Mollenhauer  ... more
Product information "Book: 200 Years Mollenhauer Woodwind instrument making (English language)"
Between foot lathe and 3D printer
Author: Bernhard Mollenhauer
Extent: 120 pages
The book with many pictures and illustrations about the 200-year history of the Mollenhauer company. Starting with the founder Johann Andreas Mollenhauer, his sons, who continued to run the company, and the many family ramifications that have arisen in the eventful history of 200 years of woodwind instrument making.
Quotations from the greetings in the book:
"Mollenhauer has always seemed like more than a company to me - more like a living being, with a soul that hasn't changed in all the decades that I have known it. And I presume that has been the case since the very beginning."
Michala Petri
"Without far-sighted adaptations to the market and constant efforts to improve the models offered, the company would not have survived for two hundred years. This makes the recipe for their success quite clear: It was and is simply innovation, which the family was practicing long before the term even existed."
Prof. Dr. Peter Thalheimer
"EA successful interplay of tradition and innovation are what I associate with the Mollenhauer brand today. Generations of children and young people are introduced to the recorder via Mollenhauer instruments. On the other hand, the company has repeatedly taken new steps with professional musicians to stay at the forefront of developments and ensure that recorders maintain an important position in the musical landscape of the twenty-first century."
Daniel Koschitzki
»When I think of Mollenhauer, three things come to mind: the consistent high quality of the instruments, their innovative and open-minded approach, and the friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable atmosphere you find whenever visiting the recorder centre in Fulda or even just chatting by email. My visits to Fulda are always a pleasure, and it has been wonderful to get to know the team throughout the different areas of the company.«
Sarah Jeffery
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