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Sheet music

Aura-Edition deals with the publication in practical editions of special music for the recorder – including first editions but also new editions of traditional repertoire that had become unavailable

The emphasis is on the recorder music of the 19th century, discovered by Nik Tarasov in the course of his research. Original music is published in the original key, as well as in transpositions and arrangements that have proved to be successful.

The edition is grouped into several different series, each aimed at particular instruments:


Sheet-music for Csakan

Sheet-music for recorder

Sheet-music for Tarasov/Helder (Modern instruments)

Sheet-music for Flagolet


The sheet music is available from good music shops as well as from the online shop at Mollenhauer Recorders (in German).


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We have assembled a comprehensive selection of images, sound samples and information material about our recorders.

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