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Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c"

Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c" Fipple »Lere« Soprano recorder in c"
apple green, plastic/maple, baroque double holes
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Inspiration from the very beginning!

Fipple – the unmistakable entry-level instrument from Mollenhauer

Available in four imaginative colours.
Each model is associated with a humorous character.

Allow me to introduce: Leregunde, also known as Lere:

a lovable soprano recorder with an apple-green headjoint and a body made of European maple wood.

The child-friendly, high-quality combination of materials is a proven recipe for a successful start to making music. Robust, reliable and comfortable, with a curved windway, it offers a good response throughout the tonal range and balanced intonation. The elegant shape of the recorder’s beak and the sweeping design of the instrument open up a connection to baroque models right from the start.

The wooden body with a hand-finished, oiled surface ensures a pleasant feel and a beautiful sound.

The plastic head facilitates hygienic care by simply rinsing it with lukewarm water and letting it dry outside the bag.

Stimulating the learning process

Each Fipple model is associated with a character that children can identify with. The apple-green Leregunde is overzealous, matter-of-fact and nature-loving. She raves about bright and floating sounds.

The colourful world of the Fipples gives the imagination wings and stimulates learning. In addition to the instrument, helpful supporting material is available:

• the adventurous Fipple Story for reading alone or together
• the happy Fipple Song – short musical exercises for a playful start
• the Fipple Game – put it together yourself for tons of fun and excitement.

Link to the fipple story and game

Baroque fingering with double holes

The standard among the most widespread entry-level instruments: baroque fingering and double holes for the tones C/C sharp and D/D sharp. The double holes make it easier to finger semitones accurately when they are introduced at a later stage of learning.

Material: head joint made from high-quality plastic, body from pearwood

Fingering: Baroque with double holes for c/c sharp and d/d sharp

Fingering chart: download

Range: c2 bis d4

Pitch: a1 = 442 Hz

Lieferumfang Fipple Lere

  • Instrument
  • Bag
  • Cleaning rod in plastic
  • Fipple Story
  • Fipple Song
  • Fipple Game (online)
  • Fingering chart
  • Maintenance instructions

Sound sample 1: Fipple Song

Sound sample 2: Folksong

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