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Our Comfort Tenor

makes playing easy: two additional keys reduce the stretch of the hand.
Also available as Knick tenor getting the instrument even closer to the body and thus relieving stress on the arms. Complete with thumbrest and hook.


The left ring finger no longer needs to be strained.


The right index finger

C/C#-double key

The ergonomically designed and easy to operate key mechanism relieves the little finger of any strain when playing the lowest notes.

The tenor is the ideal instrument 
for anyone who already plays the soprano recorder but loves a warmer, deeper recorder sound.
You don’t have to relearn anything: the fingerings and notation are identical to that of the soprano recorder.

Canta Comfort-Tenors

2446C, Baroque double holes, with four keys

2446KC, Baroque double holes, with four keys (Knick tenor)

2496C, German double holes, with four keys

Denner Comfort-Tenors

5416C, pearwood

5430C, rosewood

5432C, zapatero boxwood

5431C, cherrywood

5431KC, cherrywood

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