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Completely revised – a new design – ranging from Garklein to Great bass

Undoubtedly the most famous consort of recorders presented in new splendour: based on the original set of instruments by Hieronymus Franciscus Kynseker (now kept at the German National Museum in Nuremberg), we have created a nine-piece set of recorders which is optimised to modern standards and demands.
These instruments are ideal for the choric playing of Renaissance music as well as for performing the soloistic music of the Italian Early Baroque period.

  • Made from precious European plumwood or historically stained maple
  • With sturdy and reliable keys made from matt-polished brass
  • Manufactured in the recorder workshop of Mollenhauer in Fulda.


An excerpt from Windkanal 2018–1

A detailed discussion of the life and instruments of Hieronimus Franciscus Kynseker is available in the following special article which is based on the latest research.

»A rendezvous with Kynseker«

An approach to his recorders and their importance by Nik Tarasov.

Link to the article in english language

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Art.-Nr.: 4108

Soprano c'', plumwood

Sales price: 489,00 €

Art.-Nr.: 4207

Alto in g', maple, dark stained: Renaissance-/Earlybaroque Ensemble from Garklein to Great bas

Sales price: 564,00 €

Art.-Nr.: 4208

Alto in g', plumwood

Sales price: 656,00 €

Art.-Nr.: 4217

Alto in f', maple, dark stained:Renaissance-/Earlybaroque Ensemble from Garklein to Great bass

Sales price: 564,00 €

Art.-Nr.: 4218

Alto in f', plumwood

Sales price: 656,00 €
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We have assembled a comprehensive selection of images, sound samples and information material about our recorders in a SharePoint database.

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